Emerging Adulthood and Merlin

So today in class Dr. Badzinski was talking about emerging adulthood (ages 18 – 25-ish) and I had a nerd moment. She was talking about how emerging adults don’t have a black and white sense of what is right and wrong, but rather they are open to different ideas and ways of doing things, whereas older people don’t. 

There is a TV show on the BBC called Merlin. The show tells the story of King Arthur and Merlin, along with all the usual suspects of Morgana, the knights, etc. The first couple of seasons act as a prequel to the well-known legends of King Arthur, where Arthur is not yet the king of Camelot. His father, Uther, is king. Uther hates magic, leading to some very dreadful decisions on his part. He had to have several people executed because they supposedly had dealings with magic. Arthur and Merlin tried to save these people, not understanding the path that Uther walks. 

And how are these two things connected? Well, I was sitting in class today while The Good Doctor Bad was talking about emerging adulthood and I had a moment. I said to myself Arthur and Merlin are both emerging adults. They are around the age of 20 and they display this sense of inability to see the black and white of what is right and wrong and they believe that there are different ways of dealing with issues. Uther, on the other hand, is set in his ideas and ways. Everything is black and white to him.

BOOM. I psych-majored a fantasy TV show.



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