It’s been a long time (a month and a half? Two months?) since my last post. I’ve been crazy busy since the end of last semester. I had to work over Christmas break and when I got back to school things just got crazy!

This semester I’m taking Research Methods and Design, which is one of the required classes for all psych majors even though it’s not technically psychology. I don’t much care for it, but it’s being taught by The Good Doctor Bad, so that makes up for it. She is having everyone form research groups that will pick a research topic and then go out into the field and research it. My group is doing something on method acting. Our thesis is something along the lines of “Does method acting make one a better actor? If yes, then at the what cost physically and psychologically?” We get to watch movies for class! Dr. Bad loves our idea, which is even more awesome!

I’m also taking a class on psychopathology, which is really hard but also really fascinating! Dr. Bad isn’t teaching that one…The head of the Psychology Department (We’ll call him Dr. H) is, hence the reason it’s so hard. Dr. H gave us a list of psychological disorders from which we each had to pick one to do our research paper on. I wanted Dissociative Identity Disorder or schizophrenia, but they were both taken by the time I got a hold of the list. I ended up with Somatic Symptom Disorder, which is formally Somataform Disorder but was changed with the printing of the new DSM. I think it will be interesting.

So that’s a quick look at this semester. I promise I’ll try and be better about updating!


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